Antique Leather Wrapped Copper Push-Button Ashtray

This is an excellent Antique Ashtray that I would date from the 1920s. It's made of Copper, Wrapped in Leather, has a Spring-Loaded Mechanism that allows it to open and close when an Amber Glass Button is depressed and it has a Felt Covered Bottom. Towards bottom of the ashtray the leather is darker all the way around, as if someone had applied some leather conditioner or oil to that area only. I believe that if you were to apply some conditioner yourself the leather would all be that shade. It has a felt covered bottomAs a whole, this piece is nice vintage condition. The metal seems to have had a lacquer coating that has come off in spots. The leather is missing a very small spot near its seam, and there are the initials L.W. imprinted in a gold art deco font on one side




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