Antique Crescent Salesman Replica Miniature Cast Iron Stove

Crescent Mini Stove

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This Miniature Stove was a sample that traveling salesmen from the Crescent Stove Company (Evansville Indiana, 1905-1936) would use to show their cutting-edge wares to the homemakers they would call on. A replica of the 1911 stove that they then manufactured, it is constructed of ornate cast iron that measures 4 5/8" from its feet to its burner surface and 6" wide (without any of the attachments) and weighs nearly 4 lbs with its accessories. It is in very nice condition with minimal rust. It is, however missing one burner cover and its stovepipe. It does include two clip on extensions, a stovepipe shroud, three burner covers, three pots (one of which is slightly rusted) and a frying pan. Unlike many of the ones you might find, this piece still has its pressed tin underside perfectly intact without any rust. This would make a nice addition to any doll furniture collection or as an accent piece in your kitchen.

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