Antique Chalkware String Holder / Dispenser Cigar Smoking Opera Clown -YIKES!!!

This Very Rare, Horrifyingly Creepy Antique Chalkware Clown String Holder is In Outstanding Condition and Ready to be hung on the wall of an equally horrifyingly creepy person! 
It measures 7" long, 6" wide and, protrudes out a menacing 3 1/2". There are a few small nicks and a little paint dribble near the top, but it's in unusually excellent overall shape. You'll find several common antique string holders listed on eBay at any given time, but this one is rarely if ever seen; I think that's because they've all returned to there manufacturer, Satan, to help him torment newly arriving souls
Don't get me wrong; this is a very cool and distinctive item, and I really think that several of you should start a bidding war over it……..and that's not just because I want it the hell out of my house before it persuades my dogs to kill me either!
So if you are bent in away that allows you to coexist with stuff like this, well then, bid away!!!


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