Antique 1931 Arkitoy Wooden Lumber Set No. 4

1931 G.B. Lewis Arkitoy Play Lumber Set No. 4…..COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!

Wanna know why the kids of the 30's were able to carve out happy childhoods amidst the dire circumstances of the great depression and still have enough gumption to go stamp out Fascist aggression all over the globe a decade later? Well I'll tell ya! It was their toys!!! They didn't have any mamby pamby Play People or flimsy Legos. No Sir! They had building sets like this one. With 328 wooden pieces and over a half pound of nuts and bolts this Arkitoy was tailor made for the domineering spirit of the "Greatest Generation"

This set is very nice. All of the pieces are in excellent shape. Unfortunately it doesn't have its manual, so I don't know how many pieces it originally contained, but I doubt that it is missing many since they nearly fill the box. The box itself is in decent overall condition, without any broken corners on the top or bottom. It does have a considerable amount of flaking around the corners and scuffing all over, but for being over 80 years old I would consider it quite presentable. As far as this being Set No. 4; It seems that the good folks at G.B. Lewis made several sets each numbering 1 thru 4. This No. 4 is larger (containing more parts) than the rectangular boxed versions of that same number

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