Antique 1893 World’s Fair Chicago Columbian Exposition Brass Spittoon

Antique 1893 World's Fair Chicago Columbian Exposition Brass Spittoon in Excellent Condition, Wonderfully misprinted!
The World's Fair that gave us The Zipper, Juicy Fruit Gum, Cream of Wheat, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Cracker Jack. Home of the First Ferris Wheel. With guests and stars that included Grover Cleveland, Mark Twain, Nicola Tesla, L Frank Baum, Thomas Edison, Houdini, Buffalo Bill Cody, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and Hellen Keller (who was unaware that she was there)
-No wonder so many people collect artifacts from that, the most vaunted of expositions! 
This spittoon is exceedingly collectible on a number of levels; As paraphernalia from the 1893 World's Fair, as a piece of Chicago history, as Tobacciana, or as a dated Victorian Antique. These are very rare pieces and if examined closely the reason becomes quite obvious; the embossed lettering reads: World's Colomdian Exposition Chicaco 1893. This spittoon has a fantastic 120 year old patina and suffers from only one small crack on its rim to the left of its lettering (see photo 4)


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