1950’s Hopalong Cassidy Northland Milk Milk Bottle

What better way to get your little shavers to drink milk than to buy a brand endorsed by your favorite toe-headed, cherub-cheeked, impeccably dressed Cowboy star…Hopalong Cassidy (as famously depicted by William Boyd). Hoppy was a hero of early 20th century western short stories (back when there still cowboys galloping about), radio serials, cartoon strips, comic books, films and the first Television Western series. -But if you're looking to pick up one of these jugs I suppose you knew that already.

The bottle is in great shape without any cracks and only a little bit of scuffing on the glass. The brown ink graphics (depicting Hoppy fixin' ta draw on one side and in the saddle of his trusty horse-buddy Topper on the other) are pristine. Pardners, this is pop culture Americana at it's finest!

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