1994 Something Weird Productions 27 Killer Post Cards

Rare, Obscure and Unbelievable -1994 Something Weird Productions Killer Post Card Collection of 22 Cards!
1994 Something Weird Productions 27 Killer Post Cards

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What would you expect from a video company that obsesses on the movies of both H.G. Lewis and Bettie Page?

Here you have 27 (5 aren't shown in the photo) cards of original outsider art, with details of some the most vicious killers in history, cannibal recipes and jokes on the back


The cards are in kinda rough condition; most of them have some form of a crease or another, some of them are warped, there are a couple of iffy corners and a number of them have back sides that are either dirty or made by the manufacturer to look dirty -I don't know, they don't clean up with an eraser. Please look at photos carefully

Although not pristine, these cards are very hard to find and very creepy and will display nicely


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