1989 NFL Playoff Chicago Bears (Overconfident) “Super Bowl Sack” Drawstring Bag

1989 Chicago Bears Soldier Field Give-Away "Super Bowl Sack" Waterproof Drawstring Bag/Backpack

With A 12/4 season behind them and still riding on a wave of confidence after a Super Bowl Championship (and the second best season in NFL history) only three short years before, The Chicago Bears can be forgiven for being a little full of themselves back in the 88/89 season. They did, after all, go on to clinch their division before having their butts handed to them by the 49ers, but what the hell
I believe that this bag would have been given out to attendees of the Bears final home game of the season against the Detroit Lions (Chicago having already won a spot in the playoffs). It is made of heavy nylon that is rubberized on the inside and should be somewhat waterproof. The drawstring ropes can be used to carry this sack like a backpack. on the front there is a silkscreened Bears Helmet, The (ill-fated) words "Super Bowl Sack" and their season schedule and scores listed below. This bag is in excellent condition and would make an excellent present for someone who still feels like 1985 was only yesterday

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