1977 Edition of Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories In Nice Condition

Uncle Remus Book

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The Book That Disney Doesn't Want You To Own

This is a 1977 edition of Walt Disney's Uncle Remus Stories Based on the Joel Chandler Harris Stories and Characters that Appeared in the 1946 Animated Movie "Song Of The South"

This was a classic cartoon! Unfortunately few of you have seen it. Even though Harris' stories were set after the Civil War  and therefore after the Abolition of Slavery, the movie, upon its 1978 re-release in theaters created some controversy with the post Civil Rights era audience. Even though Uncle Remus, who was black, was a positive and loving character and the two white children he tells his stories to have obvious affection for him, some questioned whether or not his position wasn't subordinate in some way. Additionally the exaggerated, old-timey black accents used by voice actors Johnny Lee and Nick Stewart (both, incidentally, African American) in the animated segments as well as the story of the "Tar Baby", which became an unfortunate racial epithet after the release of Harris' original stories in the 1880's, caused some squirming even among the ambivalent. For this reason "Song Of The South", despite countless petitions by its legion of fans to make it otherwise, has never been released in the U.S. on VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray (There has been a U.K. PAL release that sells for about $100 new and can't be played on standard U.S. machines). Disney has treated this animated gem like the proverbial red-headed step child and has locked it in their squeaky clean cellar

This book is as equally charming as the forbidden film with 92 pages illustrated by two giants of Disney animation; artists Bill Justice & Al Dempster. It measures a large 10" X 13 and its pages look like new. The outer glossy cover does have some minimal wear, especially at its bottom corners. There is some small spitting at the top of its spine and a little area, about the size of pencil line, about 3/4 up the spine where the glossy paper is gone (see photo) but I would consider it to be in fine overall condition

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