1971 Warner Brothers Goofy Grams Merlin The Mouse

1971 Warner Brothers Goofy Grams Merlin The Mouse

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1971 R. Dakin & Co. Warner Bros. Merlin The Magic Mouse Goofy Grams Figurine In Very Good Condition

I believe that these Warner Brothers cartoon figures were manufactured in 1970, but the Goofy Gram versions with the base came out a year later. These are much harder to find

Merlin stands 9" tall and is in great condition. His hat, head, body and base are perfect. His felt jacket and nylon collar are without any rips or flaws of any kind (but they do need to be cleaned; his collar has begun to slightly brown with age). Absent is Merlin's tiny martini glass that was not a feature of the cartoon character or his 1970 figurine, but was added to the Goofy Grams edition to tie in with the slogan on his base: "I'll drink to that" (which made our magic mouse a plausible basement bar novelty nick nack)

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