1970’s Steve Crane Ceramic Tongue Tiki Mug Made in Japan For Kon-Tiki Restaurant


This Rare 1970's Tiki Mug sits 5" high and weighs almost 2 LBS. It was designed by Playboy Restauranteur Steve Crane who, after writing the 1895 novel The Red Badge Of Courage, opened up both the Luau Restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and a chain of Polynesian themed "Kon-Tiki" restaurants in Sheraton Hotels (I was kidding about the Red Badge Of Courage thing). These mugs are known to collectors for there colorful twist on the common Tiki Idol, and this particular mug is in excellent condition with only the typical amount of crazing for a ceramic piece from this era with this type of glazing. It hasn't any flaws, chips or scratches and it still has it's maker tag on the bottom (HF Japan  -which stands for House of Favors) above the recessed stamped words "Designed By Steve Crane Associates"

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