Original Vintage 60’s Felt Black Light Poster 21 1/2″ X 33 1/2″ -TRIPPY!!!

Original 1960's Psychedelic Felt Black Light Poster Measuring 21 1/2" X 33 1/2"

Even without the aid of a black light (or anything ingested or inhaled even) this poster can mess with your mind. The geometric pattern, if stared at long enough, will begin to move, your eyes will loose focus and you will become one with the universe………or you'll get a mild headache. I can't guarantee these things!

It is in fairly nice condition, without any tears of significant wrinkles, but it does have 3 corners with multiple perforations (one of which is missing a little portion) and inexplicably one that is mint (see photos). I am dating this somewhere around the late 60's since that's the era when the daughter of the people whose estate sale this was for was living at home as a teenager. There is no date or manufacturer info printed on the poster

So fire up the incense crank up the Hawkwind (Pink Floyd would've been too obvious) and let your mind roam the cosmos as you stare helplessly at this freaky poster

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