1964 Barry Goldwater Presidential Campaign Convention Hat

A Talisman From The Dawn Of Modern Day Conservatism, this Barry Goldwater (Mr. Conservative) Plastic Hat from his 1964 bid for the oval office would look great in any Rock Ribbed Republican's office, study or Man Cave

These hats where given out at the '64 Convention where a young……um, well,,,,younger Ronald Reagan (Christ! The Gipper was already 53 back then!!!!) gave his historic "It's Time To Make A Choice Speech", and there just aren't that many left out there folks
This hat is in good condition. It could use a light cleaning and it has a small crack at the front of its brim. The paper band reads "Goldwater In '64" on the front and has picture of Senator Goldwater on the side
This is a very cool item that has become either historically significant or laughably ironic depending on what side you're on, ……..but c'mon people we're all american, aren't we?  -Um, except for you, our beloved overseas customers out there

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