1960’s Plastic Childs Tank Commander Helmet -Awesome!

Toy Tank Helmet

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Very Cool Toy Tank Commander Play Helmet with Fixed Cellophane Eye Shield Visor, Chin Strap & Antenna!!!

If I had one of these back in the day I would have rested back control from that pack of Big Wheel riding thugs that ruled my block! This helmet has no manufacturer info that I can find, but since it's obviously vintage 60's and it's obviously tits-amundo we'll have to assume that it was made by either Marx or Ideal. Though it is in overall excellent condition it is missing its insignia (see photo) and could use an interior cleaning. It is large enough to fit my sizable mellon and has an elastic, somewhat dry-rotted harness on its inside. It also has a chin strap, however, the strap is also dry-rotted and it broke when I was trying it on (y'know, just to see how it fit…..only for a minute……OK, I'm wearing right now!). The elastic for the harness and chin strap can be easily replaced and the chin guard will be included. It also has an antenna that is still intact, but has been bent on angle so that it won't drop down. The blue-tinted cellophane eye shield is in very nice condition with only slight scuffing.

This helmet will be an excellent addition to anyone's military toy collection or a very special present for that most precious of endangered species; the kid who still goes out and plays.

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