1960’s Carved Wooden 12″ Black Power Fist

1960's Carved Wooden 12" Black Power Fist

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This Classic 60's Black Power Fist is 12" High, Carved Out of Solid Narra Wood and is in Pristine Condition

In the Mid 1960's The Clenched Fist was appropriated by the Black Panther Party and became part of America's national consciousness when 2 African American medalists in the 1968 Olympic Games stood with their heads bowed and their fists held high in defiant unity at their awards ceremony. Since then it has been used by everyone from Public Enemy and Rage Against The Machine to emphasise an ongoing struggle with racial inequality

Although, if placed on the wrong mantle (by say… a liberal arts major at Berkley), this beautiful carving will have all of the social impact of a Ché Guevara T-shirt recently purchased at Hot Topic,  in the right home this piece will reclaim its rightful distinction as a talisman in the fight for social justice……..it also looks really cool!



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