1960’S 13″ Gund Stuffed Monkey Plush Toy

Vintage 13" 1960's Gund Stuffed Monkey

The folks at Gund sure loved the monkey! For decades they produced these eerily adorable simians (not entirely, or accidentally different from Rushton's Tip Tippy or Zip Zippy from Howdy Doody). This one features the standard plastic molded face that would be reused repeatedly, but based on the tag and the fact that our little buddy here is sans plastic ears (he is in fact earless  -and I see no indication that he ever had any) I would date him from the early 1960's. He is in overall awesome shape, but I'm sure he is missing his outer clothing. Later versions (with ears) had a larger beret and bib overalls, but I'm uncertain how this model was originally appareled. He is clean and the paint on his face is in very good condition. If you collect stuffed monkeys, and who in their right mind doesn't, this would be a great get.

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