1960’s 10″ Carrot Top Hillbilly Boy & Girl Dolls -Japan

1960's 10" Carrot Top Hillbilly Boy & Girl Dolls -Japan

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Like the spawn of an unholy union between Chucky and Reba Mcentire, these two shabbily adorable 1960's Carrot Top Dolls from Japan stand a lofty 10" tall, are in perfect condition and are nightmarishly cute.

They appear to be a celebration of the waifish children of America's rural South, in other words; Little Hillrods. There is no manufacturer information, but they are stamped with "Japan" on their backs and a 4-leaf clover and the words "Good Luck" on their forearms. If any of you who are wise in the ways of dolls have any information on this marking please email me; I would love to know more

I am not a doll-man, I will here affirm, but I am listing a number of them in my store. I purchase and sell the ones that grab my attention or appease my sense of humor. These two do both


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