1960 Jack Dempsey Autographed Menu & Postcard Lot -NEAR MINT!

1960 Jack Dempsey Autographed Menu & Postcard Lot -NEAR MINT!

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Very Near Mint 1960 Jack Dempsey, (The Manassa Mauler") Autographed Menu from his New York City Restaurant and Autographed Postcard Postcard of his 1919 Knockout of Jess Willard (Illustrated by none other than James Montgomery Flagg)

This is a big juicy slice of Americana. The menu, from the champ's fabled mid-century Manhattan Night Spot (Along with The 21 Club, Toots Shor's, The Copacabana and The Stork Club, Dempsey's at 1619 Broadway club set the tone for NYC nightlife in the 50's and early 60's) features a smiling picture of Jack and is complete and near mint with only a small, and almost unnoticeable staple hole above the autograph. It has no creases, wrinkles, tears or stains. The color is great and the corners are sharp and without blunting. The autograph reads: "2 my Friend Leo, Good Luck Pal, Jack Dempsey 5/30/60"

The Postcard is an also near mint condition glossy reproduction of legendary American artist James Montgomery Flagg's 1919 illustration of Jack knocking out Jess Willard in Toledo Ohio on July 4th 1919 to become champion of the world. Flagg was not only the artist who created the immortal image of Uncle Sam for the U.S. military's WWI "I Want You" recruiting posters, but he was also the face of Sam himself (being too cheap to hire a model, he used his own self portrait, with a touch of Abe Lincoln and a smidgen of inspiration from the 19th century cartoons that were inspired by the evolution of Troy New York meat supplier Sam Wilson into a symbol of paternal patriotism). The autograph on the back of the card reads "2 my friend Linda, With Love Honey, Uncle Jack Dempsey 8/3060"

This set would display beautifully in the home of any boxing aficionado or someone who would aptly treasure autographed memorabilia from one of America's most colorful and beloved icons




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