1959 Superior Plastics Human Body 1/6 Scale Model -Unbuilt, & 1961 Touch Model

Very Nifty 1959 1/6 Scale Human Body Model Kit, Model No. 7000 -Unbuilt, and a 1961 Anatomy Of Touch (No. 3 of 5 in the "How We Live" series of the senses models) -Partial and Painted…….Both by those Brainy Mugs at Superior Plastics of Chicago

The Human body model appears to be complete, but I cannot be certain since the instructions are missing. The box is in nice condition, without any split corners or staining, but it does have a small toenail size area where the graphics are torn off (see photos)

The Anatomy Of touch model is pretty much just a box in nice condition (again with a little bit of the graphics ripped off at the upper right of the top of the box) since the model has been painted and is missing parts and a the instructions

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