1957 Walt Disney Zorro Hand Puppet by Gund…COMPLETE!!!!!

Outstanding 1957 Gund Zorro Hand Puppet Licensed By Walt Disney, Complete with Hat, Cape, Mask…….and Sword!!!! (really, what are the odds of that surviving???)

Gund's stable of Disney licensed character hand puppets aren't uncommon on eBay, but Zorro (from the 1957 ABC television series, and later as installments on the Disneyland program from '60 to '61) is probably the coolest of the bunch. Whenever he is listed he is seldom in possession of his Cape. Even rarer is a Zorro with a hat. Now,…. one of these with an original mask????…….You are freakin' dreaming my friend!!!!! In fact, sellers have become so accustomed to seeing our little Latin hero without his accessories that some of them have actually listed them as "Don Diego" puppets……-Hilariously brilliant! Now I can go ahead and list my cowl-less, naked Mego Batman figure as a "Rare, Nature Lovin' Bruce Wayne figure". Anyhoo,…..This Zorro not only has the aforementioned accoutrements, but he still has his SWORD!!!!
(-And no, this is not a cocktail skewer in its place). I have never even seen a picture of one of these with its sword, but this one fits perfectly in to the elastic band of his left hand

Zorro's felt hat and the cotton triangle of his shirt are both in slightly worn condition, his painted eyes have been partially worn off (I believe from over 55 years of mask wearing), his mask has a partial tear on its right side and it has been pinned to his face (this may have been done originally by the factory  -I don't know). His hands and the gold brocade details on his chest and around his wrists are still presentable. His cape and cloth body are in nice shape, but both could use a slight cleaning

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