1950’S Tudor Tru-Action Electric Basketball Game, Tin Litho, Early Ed. w/ Box

Tudor Basketball Game

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Early Edition of Tudor's Tru-Action Electric Basketball Game (Pat #2167985 and other patents pending) with Original Box -Almost Complete!

This game is in EXCELLENT CONDITION! There are no scratches or dings on the court. The backboards look like new and it is only missing one of four retaining clips that connect the backboards to the court (there are supposed to be two on each side, but I put one on the middle of the left side, as pictured, and it didn't affect the game at all; and you could easily improvise with something around the house if you wanted it pinned on both ends). The game is also missing one blue "Player", but I played it 4 on 4 and it was still a blast. The game powers up and there is a vibration adjuster that works very well. It comes with its original 2 shooters (in perfect condition) manual, ping pong ball and box. The box definitely shows some age, with some water staining and overall dinginess, but it is still relatively sturdy. The corners of one side, as shown in the photo, have been taped together with electric tape

Tudor put out several electric sports games and a number of Basketball versions, but this is the earliest one that I found. Subsequent editions are designed and configured in completely different ways and this one is nearly impossible to find on the internet for the purposes of information let alone for purchase

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