1950’s Rushton 16″ Coca-Cola Santa Claus with Rubber Hands & Coke Bottle

Santa Clause Is The Ultimate Corporate Pitchman!

Who better than a 4th Century Greek Bishop from what is now Turkey who had a proclivity for saving prostitutes from their folly, whose myth was, a couple of centuries later, infused with the Odinic Paganism of Germanic Barbarians, later streamlined by the Dutch and, later yet, codified by the British, to be co-opted by an American soft drink manufacturer in the 1930's? Yes, the version of Santa Clause that we now love was a marketing creation by Coca-Cola!

Coke's Atlanta neighbors; The Rushton Toy Company, famous for creating various plush dolls with creepy child-like faces helped out in the 1950's with their Coca-Cola Santa Doll.

This particular doll is in excellent shape. It is the version with the rubber hands and miniature plastic coke bottle. His face is, although slightly demonic, jolly as can be, and the paint is in overall good condition. The top tuft of his rubber hair is slightly dry-rotted, but his polyester beard is very clean and intact. His vinyl boots are clean and split-free, with the stitching still perfect. His clothing is also neat and without any stains or imperfections. He is however missing his overcoat and belt, but these can be acquired somewhat easily.

If you collect Vintage Christmas Decorations, Rushton Dolls, Coca-Cola Advertising, or Toys that look like they might stab you in your sleep -then this is the doll for you!

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