1950’s Ronson Varaflame Starfire Lighter, Mint, Unused w/ Case -New Old Stock!!!

Brand New, Unused, and in Mint Condition, This Beautiful 1950's, Highly Collectible Gold Finished Varaflame Starfire Butane Lighter by Ronson still with its warning tag, butane tag, shipping wedge (which prevents the strike wheel from turning accidentally) and Faux Reptile Skin Hardshell, Velvet-Lined Case!

If you collect lighters you know how cool of a find this is. This lighter oozes with Mid-Century swankyness. Gold finished with etched lines and stars that cause it to sparkle, this is one of the classiest accessories a person can own. It still has it's inspection sticker (the ever productive 55) and its price sticker ($14.95 new 55 years ago!!!! Thats about $75K today…..just kidding). Like the lighter itself, the case is in pristine condition and is of a quality that few jewelry companies use today. This will be the star of your lighter collection or a great gift if you happen to know anyone with personality enough to deserve it
We are currently auctioning off 2 more vintage Veraflame Lighters of similar quality, so please take a moment to look at our sales

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