1950’s Mid-Century Ronson Biomorphic Ashtray & Matching Table Lighter Set

Ronson Lighter Set

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Cool & Swingin' 1950's Ronson Biomorphic Ceramic Ashtray with Matching Table Lighter

This is very Swanky Mid-Century set is in Nice Condition, with only one small hairline crack that runs underneath the ashtray (almost noticeable when sitting on a table -see photos 5 & 6), but hasn't carried or is visible from the top. The lighter takes liquid fuel, but is not fueled or flinted and I'm not sure if it is currently working, but I have a small collection of vintage lighters and I haven't come across one that I couldn't easily fix (it only has 4 working parts). The lighter has a brass finish and is slightly worn at the thumb lever

All in all this is an excellent set that would look great on any boomerang table or crushed ice laminated, bamboo and leopard print basement bar


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