1950’s Leather Children’s Beanie With Charms

1950's Leather Children's Beanie With Charms

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Here you have an American Classic! A Child's Small Size 1950's Leather Beanie!

Beanies were all the rage in post-war suburbia. They were sold at every souvenir shop of every tourist-trap across this great land. A children's fashion trend that started in the 30's, beanies were originally made of felt and were used to fasten charms and pins (often prizes from crackerjack boxes). Some were upgraded to leather in the 1950's as they became a cliché token of childhood (think Archie's pal Jughead or Cecil's pal Beanieboy), or an indication of the rural imbecility of an adult (think Gomer's cousin Goober)

This one is made of 3-colored suede with a brown saw-toothed leather band that is stamped "Denver Colorado". It has a plastic ruby stud on top and 3 existent charms (a bell, a plastic Texas U.S. 80 Route Sign, and an Ohio U.S. 23 Route Sign), as well as 4 more original rings to fasten additional charms to. This beanie shows an average amount of wear and could use a cleaning (suede cleaner makes these things look like new)




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