1950’s Kid’s Cowboy Silk Embroidered Neckerchief with Leather Studded Slide

1950's Kid's Cowboy Silk Embroidered Neckerchief with Leather Studded Slide

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Yeehaaah!!! This Terrific 1950's Silk, Embroidered, Brass Studded Cowboy Neckerchief With Studded Leather Slide is CLASSIC!

Few pieces harken back to a simpler time of childhood fun more vividly than this swanky Cowboy accessory. It is wonderfully detailed with a covered wagon, team of horses (or more accurately, horse heads), cowboy hat, rifle and a pair of fancy cowboy boots on both sides. This neckerchief has been recently dry cleaned and is in very nice, perfectly displayable condition with any staining being next to invisible. It would look perfect next to your Gene Autry Holster, your Roy Rogers Watch, that Hopalong Cassidy Lunchbox…….or beter yet; Your Vintage 1950's Futurland, Mattel Cowboy Ge-Tar w/ box (oh, you don't have one of those? Well, click on "See Other Items" and check out the one that I'm currently listing!)



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