1950’s Bakelite Sawyer View-Master


Sawyer View-Master

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1950's Bakelite Sawyer View-Master in Very Nice Condition

Way before Henry Fonda began hawking View-Masters for G.A.F. (or as he pronounced it "GEEAAAF"), their original manufacturer, Sawyer, of Portland Oregon, were endowing the video game bereft children of the 40's and 50's with 3D images of far flung destinations and stories from their favorite movies and cartoons

This is a wonderful example of this classic toy as it is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. So put the controller down, let the rest of the members of your Guild or Horde or Squadron or whatever the hell your a part of take over for a little while and sit back and enjoy the 3D splendor of Grand Teton National Park, or thrill to the daring exploits of Hansel & Gretal (Maybe video games aren't such a bad thing after all)

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