1867 Pat. Davis Ornamental Cast Iron 12″ Level

Davis Level

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Davis Level & Tool Co. 12" Ornamental Cast Iron Level -Patented in 1867

This level is in excellent working condition. The vial is still intact and calibrated (I checked it against an 8" Stabila and they read identically), and its degree arrow isn't locked up. Cosmetically it is without any cracks or dents, but there is some surface rust primarily at the unpainted areas (the main picture is a bit misleading -take a look at the close up of the front of the dial in 2nd picture to see what nice condition it's in). This level is in prime condition to be completely restored with only minimal effort, but many collectors would become apoplectic at the sight of you touching this 145 year old gem with steel wool, Brasso or spray paint.

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