Vintage 1950s Helmscene Electric Self-Lighted Picture No. 61 Lake Elizabeth WI

Fabulous 1950's Helmscene Self-Lighted Picture No. 61 of Lake Elizabeth WI, In Excellent Working & Cosmetic Condition!

So you're going retro 50's in your living room, finished basement, or den, and you've eschewed the swankiness of Danish Modern for the warm coziness of Shabby Americana……..Y'know; Notty Pine Paneling, Burnt Orange Shag Carpet, Plaid Couches….a Zenith Council TV / Stereo  -you get the picture. Well, what are you gonna put on the walls? You can't get away with mid-century geometric art; that's too posh, and you don't wanna go all L.L. Bean and start hanging animal carcasses all over the place. Don't worry, we have the answer for you…….
The Classic Helmscene Self-Lighted Picture!  Ironically kitschy, while genuinely attractive, the Helmscene is the perfect accent to pull a retro room together
This model is of Lake Elizabeth WI, although it has been erroneously stamped with both Mt. Shuksan, Washington (three times) and New Mexico, Canyon Explorers on the back of the frame. This Helmscene is in fantastic condition; Its slope back real maple wood frame measures 28" x 20 1/4" and is miraculously without a scratch, dent or chip, and Its printed vinyl screen is blemish-free. This beauty also works perfectly with the original cord and switch functioning properly
When lit this Helmscene radiates a nostalgic autumnal feeling that brings back memories of fishing trips, camp fires and hikes long forgotten

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